I the parent/guardian, enroll my child at RLS MUSIC STUDIO for school year August 2017 - May 31st 2018 . I understand I will be billed a $25.00 Yearly Registration Fee for the enrollment of my child, and $20.00 per each additional child.

Payments are due the 10th of each month through Paypal or Check to RLS Studios.  Paypal will be billed an additional 3.1% Charge. If your payment is past due by the 12th, you will be charged a $25.00 late fee on your account.  Balances MUST be payed in full for students to participate in yearly recitals.  Delinquency with this will not be tolerated.

If I need to end my lessons, I need to directly contact Rachal and speak/email with her.  If you choose not to continue lessons you are required to give one months notice so that we are able to fill your spot. You will be billed for the 30 days after the date you choose to stop lessons. 
Ex. Your child wants to stop middle of month, 15th.  You will be billed for two weeks at the beginning of the next month as to allow the spot to be filled as the teacher still needs to be payed for her time.

I, student and parent, understand I am responsible to attend all lessons at the mutually agreed upon time.  I understand that there are NO excused absences. RLS Studios understands that life is busy, however, it is NOT the studios responsibility to be at the lesson.  If I am sick, on vacation, or unable to make my lesson for any other reason I have the following option below.

RLS Music Studios will hold make-up lessons when it is acceptable to both the teacher and the student at a mutually agreed upon time, but only it works in the teachers schedule. Make-up lessons are only able to work if parents let teachers know as far in advance as possible. Multiple missed lessons WILL NOT be made up and are NOT our obligation. 
One master class will be held each semester for missed lessons that are unable to be made up:
Masterclass Date:November 7th 7-9PM

 Recitals will be held twice a year once in December and once in May.  Each student will pay a fee per recital to cover basic venue costs, sound, reception, and staff. A dress rehearsal will be offered as part of the recital package and is recommended for experience and comfort in the performance space.

By reading this document I understand and agree to all terms and conditions above.